New Surry Theatre is hiring!

We are accepting applications, through January 4, 2019, for the position of Artistic Director. This position encompasses both artistic and executive management of the organization, including production planning, fundraising, marketing, and communications. The Artistic Director works closely with the New Surry Theatre Board of Directors to implement NST’s strategic plan.

Candidates should have at least a Bachelor’s degree and experience both in nonprofit management and the performing arts.

This position is part time. Starting salary is $18,000.

Because this position requires a unique combination of skills, please request the full job description and read completely before applying. Please direct requests to Board President Matt Murphy at

Thank you!

A note from NST’s current Producing Director, Johannah Blackman


I write to share some important news. I have worked for New Surry Theatre in one capacity or another for seven years. When I moved to Maine, NST quickly became my family away from home, and I feel so blessed to have landed in such a supportive, creative community. When NST’s founder Bill Raiten retired, I was honored to be hired as Producing Director.

Shortly before stepping into the role of Producing Director, my first child was born and my life changed in ways I could not predict at that time. I am now pregnant with my second child and preparing for another whirlwind of change.

While I have loved working for and with NST, after a lot of thought, I have decided to step down as Producing Director to ensure I am able to celebrate the years of early childhood with my young family. I have learned so much through my involvement with the theater. I am incredibly grateful for the legacy Bill Raiten created when he founded NST and I deeply respect the work NST’s Board is doing to carry that legacy forward. NST is truly a gift to the community – a place where people from all walks of life come together, discover talents they never knew they possessed, and collaborate to create something beautiful to share with the community. I know I will stay involved, even as I step down to create a bit more space in my life for family. I am excited to witness the next chapter of NST’s unfolding legacy.

Johannah Blackman