You are sitting in a crowded theater. The audience buzzes around you, friends greeting one another, all sharing in the excitement that settles in just before the show begins. Programs rustle. The lights over the audience dim. A hush falls with the darkness. Then the first notes of the overture begin. Soon you are swept up in the music, the dancing, the story, the children and adults flitting around the stage, transformed into the roles they inhabit. Or perhaps the lights come up on a beloved comedy or a new work, illuminating an intricate set into which walk actors who move you with their emotional connection to the story.

Or perhaps you are the one waiting in the wings. Maybe it is your first show. Your costume is fitted, your makeup and hair in place, and you stand listening to the buzz of the crowd out front, just as excited as they are. Months of rehearsals have prepared you for this moment, but nothing could really prepare you for the excitement. The stage lights come up, and you get ready to respond to your first cue, eager to bring a story you have grown to love to life for a new audience.


Or perhaps you are walking into a brightly lit theater for your first acting class.  You are a little nervous, maybe, but you see familiar faces and the teacher welcomes you enthusiastically. You soon find yourself looking forward to the weekly class, bonding with your fellow students, and generally having a tremendous amount of fun learning the craft of acting through improv exercises.

This is what New Surry Theatre does. We invite you to join us as we come together to provide joy and community through the performing arts. See you at the theater! 

Thank you to the Quimby Family Foundation, the Maine Community Foundation and Bar Harbor Bank & Trust for their generous support of our work in the community. Click here to read more about opportunities to support NST.

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