Auditions for a staged reading of Terrence Rattigan's The Winslow Boy
Directed by Erin McCormick
Saturday, April 21, 2:00 p.m. at the Blue Hill Town Hall Theater

To be performed Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23 at 7:00 p.m.

NST's staged readings provide the opportunity for actors, directors and audience members to explore more material. Staged readings are performed with scripts in-hand and with about six rehearsals. For more information, email

About The Winslow Boy

As England encounters the suffragette’s fight for women’s rights and a looming World War, one British family divides the nation by challenging the government in a seemingly frivolous court case. Fourteen year-old Ronnie Winslow has been expelled from the Naval Academy over a charge of a minor theft. Driven by his affection for and trust in his son, the boy’s father, Arthur Winslow, seeks out the help of an unlikely ally, the formidable and social-climbing lawyer, Sir Robert Morton, to help prove Ronnie’s innocence. As the case gains massive public attention, Sir Robert and the entire Winslow family find themselves battling both political and personal and risking all they have in an attempt to see that right is done. As Morton argues, “It is not hard to do justice—(it is) very hard to do right.” Based on a true story, Terrence Rattigan’s The Winslow Boy presents a deeply moving example of love, integrity, and faith against all odds.

Roles available:

Arthur Winslow: (50’s- early 60’s) The sardonic, but loving patriarch of the Winslow family, who is battling ill health.

Grace Winslow: (40’s- 50’s): Arthur’s wife. She is proper and ladylike, but her simple, traditional manner belies great strength.

Catherine Winslow: (20’s- 30’s): The eldest Winslow child. She is intelligent, direct, and strong willed. She is torn between the role society expects a woman to play and the role she is coming to believe she is meant to have.

Richard “Dickie” Winslow: (Early 20’s) The middle Winslow child. Although he has made it to Oxford University, Dickie would rather being dancing, joking, and partying than studying or working. Though his family loves him, he is a constant disappointment to them and himself.

Ronnie Winslow : (12-15) The youngest Winslow boy: A kind, bright, honest, and (currently) terrified boy at the center of the court case.

John Watherstone: (20’s-30’s) An upper middle class soldier of a highly respected military family. He is fiancé to Catherine and is torn between his interest in her and what his father expects of him.

Violet: (40’s-60’s) The Winslow family maid. She is rather inept at her job and seemingly dodgy, but also direct, honest, loving and fiercely loyal. She is more a member of the family than an employee, having come to them from an orphanage as a young girl decades ago.

Desmond Curry: ( late 30’s - 40’s) A former cricket star, now well passed his glory days, who does legal work for the family. He is rather shy and awkward, but also kind and decent, and has a deep, unrequited love for Catherine.

Sir Robert Morton: (late 30’s- 40’s) A lawyer. Elegant, blunt, and brilliant, Sir Robert can be foppish one moment and ruthlessly direct and intimidating the next. He is a trial lawyer and has made a name for himself at this profession for a reason. He is a much deeper and stronger person than anyone knows.

Miss Barnes: (Late teens- 40’s): A “journalist” for the newspaper, who is more interested in fashion and exploiting sentiment to sell papers than reporting on real issues. She is dramatic and rather shallow.

Fred: (Later teens- 40’s): A listless, bored, photographer who works with Miss Barnes.

About NST Auditions

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